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 Waikiki Submarine Tours Maui Hawaii Activities

Marvel at Hawaii's unique underwater paradise aboard a high- tech 48-passenger submarines featured in National Geographic television specials.

Guests view the unique fascinating and artificial reefs in air-conditioned comfort and safety off the coast of Oahu. Tours depart daily from the Hilton Pier beginning at  9:00,10:00, 11:30, 1:00, 2:30

   Submarine tours Maui Hawaii Activities are very exciting and everyone can participate.You can see Waikiki underwater reefs from inside the submarine.

As you submerge, sea water filters out colors of the spectrum. Red is the first color to break down and is completely gone at 60 feet, while yellow begins to appear as green. At 90 feet, green begins to look blue, the dominant color of the deepest part of your tour. The air conditioned interiors and extra-large viewing ports allow you to relax and enjoy the wonders of Maui in the deep.

Atlantis Maui Odyssey Adventure  $79.00Adult $42.00 Child ( at least 3 feet tall)


Submarine Tour
  Adult Price: $79.00
Your Price:$76.95 tax included
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 Submarine Tour
Child Price: $42.00 Under 12
Your Price:$40.40 tax included
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