Parasailing Kona,Hawaii
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Parasailing Kona Hawaii

Parasailing Kona Hawaii will let you soar above Kona Hawaii with an experienced crew and the latest lift off and landing technology. 
Two can parasail together.

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Kona, Hawaii year round

        Atmospheric Travel: 400 foot for 7 minutes $ 65.00
Early Bird (8:00a.m. Only)$60.00
       Stratospheric travel: 800 foot for 10 minutes $ 75.00
  Early Bird (8:00a.m. Only)$70.00

             Non-Flyer Observer:
"tax is included"
                                     Prices are per person


"Reservations required" 
(Rates subject to change)

Parasailing Kona Hawaii will be one of the best things that you will do while visiting.

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ACTIVITY DESCRIPTION: Parasailers on Kona Hawaii are on the boat one hour parasailing with a maximum of six flyers per trip. Participants are winched on and off the boat hydraulically for safe and dry landings. Age requirement in Kona is min 6 years old to fly, however participants must weigh at least 130 pounds to fly alone. Triple ( three person ) flights are available with a maximum weight of 450 pounds depending on wind conditions. Check-in time is 30 minutes prior to the activity time. Pregnant women or persons with recent back injuries will not be permitted to fly. Non-flying observers must book in advance to ensure a space. This will be one of the best activities that you will do while on vacation. Please take advantage of our Secure on-line booking to assure your self and your family a space on the boat. Our early bird special can save you several dollars. Call us for pricing. Either call us toll free, 1-877-873-4837 or use the form below to Securely book on-line.

UFO has the ultimate boats and equipment for a great parasailing experience. You will start your fight and finish your flight from the platform on the boat. No need to get wet by starting and landing in the water. The captain and crew will fly you where they think is the safest due to wind conditions. Safety is a number one concern. If you would like to have photos taken on your take-off and landing, this is available with the crew. Taking a camera with you on the flight is suggested as you will be flying high  and able to take some great photos of the Islands. There are also Tee Shirts available on board for you to purchase if you want.  Don't miss out on this ride, reserve early.

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 Either call us toll free, 1-877-873-4837 or use the form below to book on-line.
Hours are 7:30am to 3:00pm

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All tax included, no hidden costs

  800 Foot Parasail Price:$75.00 w/tax
Date and TIME of ride:

400 Foot Parasail Price: $65.00 w/tax
Date and TIME of ride:

No Flying Observer Price:$30.00 w/tax
Observers: Min age 3 years
Date and TIME of ride:

  Early Bird 400 ft. (8:00am only)$60.00 w/tax
Date and TIME of ride:

  Early Bird 800 ft. (8:00am only)$70.00 w/tax
Date and TIME of ride:



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