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  Maui Zipline Tours has become a "Must Do" activity on Maui. Our longest Maui Zipline Tour, 2800 feet is the longest side by side zipline in the state. We have six ziplines that parallel side by side. You will be zipped over deep Maui gulches 40 to 600 feet deep reaching speeds to 40 miles per hour. We can zip four people at a time side by side, Hawaii's first. Wildlife sightings are very common on the tour.

We offer three tours, a five line tour, a 4 line adventure and a walk along adventure. All adventures include a light snack, water and Hawaiian juices, and rain gear if needed. Each rider will be equipped with safety harness and a safety helmet. Closed toe shoes are required.

The five line zip adventure, lines 1-5, Hawaii's longest is $180.50 p/p and is 3 hours in length.
Five line adventure depart daily, 7 days a week, 8am, 10am, 11am, 12 noon and 1pm

The four line zip adventure, lines 1-3 plus line 6 departs daily 7 days a week, 9am, 2pm and 3pm is $133.00p/p and 2 hours in length. ( No Lines 4 or 5 )

The walk along adventure will give you some excellent photo opportunities of your family and friends and of the fantastic Maui Mountain views seen.

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  • Suspension Bridge: You will begin your adventure by crossing a 317 foot long, 75 foot high suspension bridge.
  • Line 1: 480 foot long and 42 feet high launches from the stair tower and descends over a meadow. This line has four lines side by side. This is the only one of its kind in Hawaii. .(The remaining lines has two lines side by side)
  • Line 2: 1065 foot long, this line begins with a 20 degree ascent up a suspension bridges to reach tower 2.
  • Line 3: 690 feet long: this line begins with an ascent up a suspension bridge, scenic views soaring over a forest. This will land at the tree house.
  • Line 4: 1420 feet long, This line begins with an ascent up a suspension bridge with views of the Pacific Ocean, gulches below and views of the Pools of Kalena.
  • Line 5: 2800 feet long. This is the longest side by side line in Hawaii. This begins with ground level transportation from the end of line four to the start of line five at the summit of Piiholo Hill. You will glide over lines three and four past the tree house and you will land near line one.
  • Line 6: This line is 725 feet long. You will begin with an ascent up a suspension bridge followed by a second tree top suspension bridge and you will end conveniently at the parking lot close to where you have parked when you arrived.



Maui Zipline Tours will give you the longest rides available on the Island

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Directions and Requirements

Tree House is an added feature that is a wooded deck that extends out into the trees that has several picnic tables on it. Views of lines 2,3,4 and 5 can be seen from here. Break time takes place here part way through each tour. Walk along guests will also spend some time here. This is also a great area for photos, to rest for several minutes enjoying a refreshing beverage and a snack.

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Five Zip line Adventure 
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Four Zip Line Adventure 
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Walk Along Adventure 
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